The Meat Lover’s Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

1. Netherton Foundry Spun Iron Skillet

Though not obvious at first, a heavy duty pan, such as a spun or cast iron one, is many cooks’ missing ingredient to that perfect steak sear. A skillet from Netherton Foundry, the Shropshire Iron Masters of the modern day, would be our first choice. Shop their skillets here!


2. Ibérico Ham Leg

After being fattened on acorns for a dozen or so weeks, usually Ibérico is cured for up to two years. This Ibérico de bellota is cured for three – it might cost an arm and a leg as a result, but nothing else comes close to its rich, sweet, and nutty flavour.

Brindisa Jamon

3. Black Axe Mangal Cookbook

Due to the past employer of its chef and founder, Black Axe Mangal on Highbury Corner is often compared to St. John. And rightly so, if St. John got blind drunk at a Metallica gig and held a pop-up in a kebab shop the next day. BAM’s first cookbook just released in all its glitter-black glory. Available in all good bookshops!

Black Axe Mangal Cookbook

4. Hand-forged Chef’s Knife

Rejecting the dull, often inadequate out-of-the box chef’s tools, Britain’s rolling back the years to forge kitchen knives with hammer, furnace, and tong. Though made primarily for practicality, boy are they lookers too. Blok, Blenheim, and Ferraby forge some of the most coveted knives. 

Hand crafted Knife

Haggis Making Masterclass at Mac & Wild

Join Scottish restaurant Mac & Wild in preparing Scotland’s most famous dish. Bookings open up in the New Year, just in time for Burns Night at the end of January. As someone who supplies Mac & Wild, we can vouch for their skills in the kitchen. Buy a voucher here!

Mac and Wild Haggis Night

6. Big Green Egg

A BBQ putting most others to shame, the BGE has become a must-have in the back yards of any serious pitmaster, whatever the weather and whatever food they prefer to cook. Buy one here!

Big Green Egg

6. Temperature Probe

If you’d rather not undercook that Christmas turkey you’re hoping to serve the whole family, a meat probe is essential kitchenware. We think this one does the job well.

EVNO Temperature Probe

7. HG Walter Steak Box

Six prime cuts of beef will set up even the most fanatical carnivore for the foreseeable. All meat included comes from grass-fed native breeds, dry aged for 30 days. Buy it here!

Steaks In a Skillet