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Aynhoe Park

Banbury, Oxfordshire

Brett Graham of the Ledbury and the Harwood Arms tasked himself with breeding the most stunning venison to ever grace our tables.

After spending months travelling around Europe to find the best breed to use, Brett opted to go with Fallow Deer and in particular, White Fallow. This breed is not only the best tasting but has a wonderful temperament, and of course looks incredibly majestic.
These White Fallow naturally forage on the impeccably kept grass which includes clover, yarrow, chicory, and rye but what Brett does so well is include local brewers’ grains and hops in the deer’s diet. The deer can “snack” on these goodies at their disposal and we are so glad they do; the outcome is a magnificently marbled and tender meat with a ludicrously “melt-in-the-mouth” fat.
Arguably the most sustainable method of farming, rearing venison requires little to no human interference, allowing these regal animals to live freely as nature intended.