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Barbary Duck Breasts | HG Walter Ltd
HG Walter x Marlo Pairing: Roasted Duck Breast | HG Walter Ltd
Barbary Duck Breasts | HG Walter Ltd

Barbary Duck Breasts



Reared in Brittany, our Barbary ducks are rich in flavour and much sweeter than a wild mallard. Our Barbary duck breasts come in packs of 2, with each breast weighing approximately 180g.

Roasted Duck Breast, Raw Fennel Salad, Candied Orange Butter Sauce | HG Walter Ltd
Duck Breast with a Raw Fennel Salad and Orange Butter Sauce

Try our simple pan-fried duck breast recipe with a fresh fennel salad and a sweet candied orange butter sauce - a true culinary masterpiece! 

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We pride ourselves on supplying the best of British meat, however sometimes there are speciality products we must find from further afield.

We source a range of products from across the channel in Anjou, France, where they are reared by farmers to the highest standards of welfare. This directly translates to their texture and flavour.