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Longland Farm Free Range Duck


Our ducks are Aylesbury Pekin cross from Elham Valley in Canterbury. 

Slowed reared to the highest standards, these ducks are sweet and game-y in flavour and taste with a fantastic texture. Enjoy your duck roasted whole or take off its legs and roast separately to the crown. Either way, these ducks are an amazing option for a centrepiece.

Roast Duck Recipe

A succulent and crispy roast duck recipe!

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Our ducks are Aylesbury Pekin cross from Longland Farm in Canterbury. These ducks are fed on a top quality, nutrious feed from the local feed mill and they forage the field for all that is available. They are long grown to 14-16 weeks in a large open grassland field with duck showers to enjoy! This level of freedom means for healthy happy ducks.