About Us

At H. G. Walter, we value tradition, simplicity and quality. Established in 1972, our independent, family-run business has dedicated years to perfecting traditional methods of meat preparation; to doing things in the proper way, properly.

We source our meat from small, passionate British farmers, who use traditional, free-range farming methods. This ensures both quality and a unique and diverse range of breeds to stock on our shelves. Each animal we use is hand-picked by our experts for its marbling and fat covering; a process which helps us achieve consistently high quality produce all year round.

What unites our staff is a passion for food; we are always on the lookout for new and interesting products, and continuously inspired to create our own. We’re running an old business on young legs; combining expertise with innovation. Our team of enthusiastic chefs prepare a range of cooked products daily, from our much-loved scotch quail eggs to home-made marinades.

Hidden among the classics, you’ll often find specialist meats, such as free-range Iberian Black Pork (jamón ibérico) reared on our friend Redondo Iglesias’ family farm in Estremadura.

Over the past 40-years, our world-class produce has tantalised the taste-buds of many British foodies. We now supply over thirty Michelin Star restaurants and are the go-to butcher for many of London’s chefs, food writers and critics.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal, friendly and consistently high-quality service. From a Leiths trained chef to those with a farming background, we have a variety of expertise and will readily and happily give advice on which cuts to choose and how to get the best out of your meat.

For online orders, each is carefully prepared to your specification by an expert and hand-packaged, before being delivered to your doorstep.