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Our values

Free range Geese from Worcestershire

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Hampshire Duroc cross

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Cornish Reds and White Cobbs from England

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Aberdeen Angus and Hereford breeds from Ireland and the UK

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Suffolk Texel cross from Cornwall

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Fallow Deer from Hampshire

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Renilla Farm

Extremadura, Spain

Westcombe Dairy

Evercreech, Somerset

Father/son duo Richard and Tom Calver have built a name for their family-run business, creating some of the UK’s finest cheese and now ex-dairy beef.

Youngman's Farm

Cley-next-the-sea, Norfolk

Father and son John and Tom rear Aberdeen Angus cattle on Norfolk's nutrient rich coastline.

Shimpling Park

Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk

Alice and John Pawsey set out to create a biodiverse environment in which to raise their New Zealand Romney sheep.  

Earl Stonham

Creeting St Mary, Suffolk

Andrew Deacon, at Earl Stonham Farms, specialises in the production of the UK's best pure blood Wagyu beef.

Farmers' Values

Knowing where our meat comes from is of the utmost importance, providing provenance and transparency for our customers.

Traditional Farming

When it comes to sourcing meat, we champion small, British, and often family-run farms, where traditional farming techniques have been learnt and upheld across generations, ensuring we are working with the best in the business and supporting diverse ecosystems. The attention to detail these farmers employ is second to none, with animal husbandry and farming in harmony with nature at the forefront of everything they do.

Knowing our farmers

Throughout the years, we have developed close relationships with our suppliers, allowing us to know exactly where our meat comes from. Regular trips to visit our suppliers and inspect the abattoirs they are slaughtered, ensures total traceability, and instils in us the confidence that these animals are being cared for in the most humane and ethical way.

Heritage Breeds

At HG Walter, we want to make sure we are doing the right thing, in the proper way.

Careful breeding

Sourcing breeds that are native to the UK is of the utmost importance to us, as it not only helps to maintain heritage breeds that have framed this country’s agricultural landscape, but it just tastes better too.

Slow grown

Native breeds’ durability against the UK’s elements ensures they can live a healthy free-range life, devoid of antibiotics, grazing and foraging on the land they have evolved with. These animals live active lifestyles and are slow grown to perfection, translating directly into their flavour and texture.