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Londons favourite butchers HG Walter

Quality with taste values

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Buying British beef; good for the planet, our farmers, and your taste buds. HG Walter talk to the UK's top chefs, about why British Beef is second to none.

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Early in January, and fresh into the new year, a...

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HG Walter Shop Counter

About Us

We are HG Walter, an independent family-run butcher committed to providing every professional chef and home cook with an exceptional product and service to create exceptional food. Established in 1972 by Peter Heanen, we have become one of the UK’s most respected butchers, supplying some of the country's best chefs and restaurants. We share the importance of eating quality meat, supporting supply chains, and sustainable farming while striving to be the best butcher in the UK.
Peter Heanen with top UK chefs at Petersham Nurseries

Our shop is in Barons Court, where our friendly service, passion for good food, and combined years of expertise help customers get the best out of their meat, whatever their requirements. We are extremely proud of how far we have come and continue to strive towards not being the biggest but being the best.

Our meat is predominantly sourced from small farms rearing free-range native breeds. These native breeds, such as Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle and Hampshire Duroc pigs, are known for yielding the best meat in the world, their natural diets and slow growth producing excellent marbling and fat content, allowing a superior depth of flavour. Sustainability is also a priority among our farmers – livestock on these farms contribute to a biodiverse landscape contrary to the destructive nature associated with much larger scale farms.

The Heanens family owners of HG Walter

A devotion to supplying products of the highest quality means we sometimes look further afield however, whether it’s acorn fed Ibérico pork reared on our friend Redondo Iglesias’ family farm in Estremadura, or Dutch veal from Peter’s Farm, who’s welfare standards are second to none.

We pride ourselves on having the best beef in the UK, intensifying its natural flavour, by dry ageing for a minimum of 28 days and up to 90 days in our custom-made Himalayan salt room. Our chefs prepare all our pies, scotch eggs, stocks, burgers, and sausages in-house. From the Michelin-Starred River Café to the highly acclaimed Kricket, our meat and pantry products supply hundreds of restaurants, and we are the go-to butcher for many of London’s food writers, chefs, and critics. We’ve never tried to be the biggest, only the best, while holding our values close in everything we do.

HG Walter Himalayan Salt Chamber