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Creedy Carver Duck Breasts | HG Walter Ltd
HG Walter x Marlo Pairing: Roasted Duck Breast | HG Walter Ltd

Creedy Carver Duck Breasts



Beautiful British native breed duck breast from Devon. These are Ayslesbury Pekin cross from Creedy Carver farm, revered by the UK's top chefs. 

Each breast weighs approximately 280g.

Roasted Duck Breast, Raw Fennel Salad, Candied Orange Butter Sauce | HG Walter Ltd
Duck Breast with a Raw Fennel Salad and Orange Butter Sauce

Try our simple pan-fried duck breast recipe with a fresh fennel salad and a sweet candied orange butter sauce - a true culinary masterpiece! 

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Creedy Carver Aylesbury x Pekin ducks are slowly reared, allowing the birds to develop rich flavours, tender meat, and a succulence that sets them apart.

The farm itself encourages biodiversity through its pond and woodland areas, where they've seen a return to nature with various butterflies, insects and birds seen on a daily basis. 

We pride ourselves on supplying the best of British meat, however sometimes there are speciality products we must find from further afield.

We source a range of products from across the channel in Anjou, France, where they are reared by farmers to the highest standards of welfare. This directly translates to their texture and flavour.