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Poussin | HG Walter Ltd
Poussin | HG Walter Ltd
Poussin | HG Walter Ltd




Young corn-fed chicken, a poussin's meat is tender and sweet in flavour. We love to spatchcock, marinate and grill our poussin.

Each bird weighs approximately 450g and will feed one person.

Ginger & Sesame Spatchcock Chicken | HG Walter Ltd
BBQ Ginger and Sesame Spatchcocked Poussin

A mouth-watering ginger and sesame marinade, slathered on a spatchcock poussin. This combo is a match made in BBQ heaven.

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We pride ourselves on supplying the best of British meat, however sometimes there are speciality products we must find from further afield.

We source a range of products from across the channel in Anjou, France, where they are reared by farmers to the highest standards of welfare. This directly translates to their texture and flavour.