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Shimpling Park

Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk

Alice and John Pawsey set out to create a biodiverse environment in which to raise their New Zealand Romney sheep.  

Shimpling Park Lambs are raised entirely on organic grass and clover on their innovative mixed farm in Suffolk. Here their core aim is to tread lightly on the planet's resources while producing sustainable food. The lambs are immensely tender with a fantastic fat covering for a sweet and nutty finish.

Since the mixed farm went organic 20 years ago, birds, bees, and wildflowers have made a comeback to the area en masse, playing up to the farm’s statement of reviving the land around them.

Their New Zealand Romney ewes provide organic fertiliser for their crops, helping create a system where inputs and resources stay in the same loop. Healthy soil is more efficient at trapping carbon, and since the sheep forage on pasture, then recycle it back to the soil out the other end, carbon emissions at the farm are effectively negated.