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Iberico Pata Negra Secreto


The Iberian black pig is characterised by its high marbling content through the muscle and its ability to metabolise the fat resulting in a special tenderness, juiciness and unique flavour to the meat.

'Iberian Secret' this cut which is found between the shoulder and loin is one of the most marbled muscles of the Iberian pig. The high marbling creates a meltingly soft texture. Delicious cooked on the BBQ or seared in the pan. 

Not suitable for freezing

Renilla farm in Extremadura slowly rear their Iberian black pigs on a diet of acorns from October to March. During this time, these pigs roam freely across extensive land, foraging on 10kg of acorns each a day.

This daily exercise, along with their rich nutty diet leads to incredible marbling and one of the best flavoured meats you can get your hands on.