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Limited Availability

Wagyu Tri Tip | HG Walter Ltd

Earl Stonham Wagyu Beef Tri Tip

Wagyu Beef


This well-marbled and flavourful cut delivers a truly indulgent culinary delight, perfect for grilling, roasting, or slicing into mouth-watering steaks. Elevate your BBQ game with this premium wagyu tri-tip that guarantees a tender and unforgettable dining experience.

Please note: available for delivery and collection until Saturday 10th February, subject to availability
Limited Availability

Wagyu is an old Japanese breed of cattle which has an extraordinary ability to store fat within its muscles. This fat is much higher in soft, monounsaturated fat (as in olive oil) and much lower in hard, saturated fat than normal beef. This helps to give the meat it’s special deliciousness and tenderness.