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Latest Recipes

Cucumber, Mint & Onion Salad

A refreshing and moreish salad that’s the perfect accompaniment to...

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HG Walter Perfect Roasties

Master the art of the perfect spud!

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Brussel Sprouts Coleslaw with Bacon

Depending on how much your loved ones enjoy Brussel sprouts...

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Poached Carrots with Star Anise & Tarragon

This recipe is simple but has an incredible flavour. Be...

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HG Walter Classics


Try this recipe for the traditional roast leg of lamb. A great option for your Sunday lunch!

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This lamb dish is sure to impress any guests you...

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Our take on classic carpaccio, with a rich brown butter...

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Our ultimate roast chicken recipe. Crispy skin and tender meat...

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This recipe for pulled pork salad works just as well...

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