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Nov 25, 2021

A Zero Waste Christmas

Our top tricks for using up leftovers!

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A Zero Waste Christmas

We know what the days after Christmas look like… slow, lazy, and feeling like you’ve ended up more stuffed than the turkey you and the family have just taken down. But also, there are almost certainly Tupperware’s and bowls overflowing in your fridge. Trying to find ways to use up christmas leftovers, subsequently avoiding the hellish nightmare that is food waste, can be a daunting thing.

Luckily, we’ve put together our favourite three ways to pimp up your trimmings, make use of your cold roasties and hide any unwanted veg into a hearty warming dish. Nothing goes to waste at HG Walter, and we stand by that rule at Christmas most of all!


  1. The Ultimate Leftovers Pie

This is a recipe we come back to every Christmas but continue to make through the year. It’s creamy and crispy and packed with flavour. It’s always a joy coming across a surprise pig in a blanket underneath your pastry!

Leftovers Pie

See our Leftovers Pie recipe here.


  1. Our Leftovers Curry

In a similar vein to our leftover pie, this curry recipe is a firm favourite of ours at any time of the year. What makes this recipe so clever is its ability to use up your Christmas clementine’s. The method may not be the most straightforward, but we can promise you it’s worth the effort.

Leftovers Curry

See our Leftovers Curry recipe here.


  1. Leftovers in a Tortilla

Nothing beats waking up to breakfast in bed, so get up and cook your loved ones their most important meal of the day. This tortilla is an amazing way to use up your leftover roasties and any ham that hasn’t been devoured in the Christmas festivities. So quick and easy to throw together and delicious to boot!

Leftovers Tortilla

See our Leftovers Breakfast Tortilla recipe here.


We hope you have as much fun cooking up these dishes as we had creating them. Let's all do better this year and make sure nothing gets wasted.

A Zero Waste Christmas