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Leftover Roast Beef Ramen

Spicy roast beef ramen with udon noodles and a fiery homemade chilli saucean epic way of using up leftovers from your Sunday lunch!

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Sausage Casserole with Mustard Mash

A banging sausage casserole with a creamy mustard mash - serious comfort food at its finest! 

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Pot Roast Chicken

This one-pot wonder ensures a foe super succulent chicken. Simple yet incredibly delicious and perfect as a hectic weeknight dinner!

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Veal Sweetbreads, Cauliflower Two Ways

Combining the buttery richness of veal sweetbreads, with a creamy roasted cauliflower puree and sweet acidity of the pickles hits all the right notes and is a joy to eat.

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Roast Grouse

Step up your game with this delicious roast grouse, perfect for your Sunday roast!

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HG Walter Classics


Our ultimate roast chicken recipe. Crispy skin and tender meat every time.

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Try this recipe for the traditional roast leg of lamb. A great option for your Sunday lunch!

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This roast beef fillet recipe is the perfect option for a special occasion. We paired ours with buttery new season asparagus and a creamy hollandaise sauce - you simply can't go wrong!

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Slow cook this lamb shoulder for a mouth-watering, full of flavour dish! 

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