Lean and Clean

Whether you're trying to slim down, or go for less fatty proteins, we have you covered. 

Grab our Lean Meat Box, with our selection of leaner cuts, or put together your own!

Lean Meat Box

HG Walter


    Chicken Fillets

    HG Walter


      Turkey Escalopes

      HG Walter


        Turkey Mince

        HG Walter


          Chicken Mince

          HG Walter


            Veal Mince

            HG Walter


              Free Range Pork Loin Steaks

              HG Walter


                Dry Aged Sirloin Steak

                HG Walter


                  Veal Escalopes

                  HG Walter


                    Beef Rump Strips

                    HG Walter


                      Lamb Cannons

                      HG Walter


                        Aynhoe Park Venison Loin

                        Aynhoe Park


                          Diced Veal

                          HG Walter